Frequently asked questions is a medical marijuana delivery service originating from Zürich. Right now we have agents in almost all cities. That makes the delivery system more effective as most customers can have same day delivery whether they are in Zürich or not.

We deliver to almost all cities, contact us and let us know your location and we will tell you how soon you can get your meds delivered. For customers in Zürich, we can deliver in just a matter of hours. We will like to assure you that no matter where you are located, your product will get to your doorstep. Delivery has always been 100% successful and prompt.

We’re Reliable

We have many customers counting on us for the frequent needs and we always come through with our own end of the deal as long as the customer is acting in good faith.

We’re Consistent

We always have high-quality products, cannabis buds and extracts available 24/7 and all year round. If you are looking for a source of steady supply then we’re the best when it comes to that.

We’re friendly.

We have the friendliest agents available at your service. Our agents are patient and always available and ready to help you everytime you need us. Call or text us through the Wickr app, or the Livechat found on the bottom right For a faster response, send us a text or wickr us now! Also Send Us and Email

We have high quality.
We have the highest quality products that you will ever come across, our flower products are top notch and perfectly grown, dried, havested and cured. Our Extracts are the purest you’ll ever find in the market.

Best Prices Ever.
We ask for the lowest donation prices ever, you must have already seen our prices on here. Vis a Vis the quality we provide, our prices are the best, you wont find better elsewhere.

All orders are traceable on the mailing website using their track and trace facility. When we send out your order, we’ll email you the tracking reference number.

We accept all payments crptocurrency through Coin Payment inetrgrated system on our website

If you haven’t heard back from us, please check your spam folder. If you’ve emailed us more than twice without a reply, please email us one more time using a different email account. You can also leave us a mail through the contact us form. we will gladly reply back. NB HOTMAIL has a really bad server of junking our emails.

Ordering Weed from is 100% Legal and Safe!! We sell our products Therefore, purchasing completely Legal!!

We rarely have cases of customers trying to get refunded because our quality is the best, no doubts about that. Nonetheless, if you do not find our product up to standard, you can ask for a refund immediately. We will give your refund in full and pick-up the product from your doorstep.

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